Artist Bio

My name is Oneil Pimentel, and my work has developed at a very steady pace and at times in a very surprising way. I am self-taught and started painting in 2001 as a way to escape from the real world and the real problems. At first my work reflected my thirst for color and warmth in a city where winters can really affect you. I’ve taken part in various exciting events such as Boston Cow Parade and Framingham’s “Many Cultures, One Heart”. After painting out of my home studio for 20 years, I finally opened up the ONEIL studio in the South End of Boston. I hope you enjoy my paintings and perhaps come visit me at my studio.


Main Subject

City scenes and still lifes


Materials and Techniques

Everyday scenes and objects painted in colorful acrylics and oils. Much of my work is a representation of what’s routine, encouraging the eye to take a second “more detailed” look at the world around us.