Artist Bio

Sarah Koff tells stories of community, nature, food, and home through woodcut printmaking in the seacoast of New Hampshire. Her collection of large, bold black- and-white woodcuts have different subjects, but together capture life in New England. From a buoy house on the Piscataqua River to a trail along a White Mountain ridgeline, from her flock of backyard chickens to a portrait of a sheep from a nearby wool farm: these are all moments in Sarah’s life as an artist, mother, nature lover, and member of her community.
Formally trained in environmental studies and landscape design, Sarah has used her art/design training and love of nature to inform her subject matter. In this time of social media and virtual reality, Sarah makes woodcuts that aim to remind people where their food comes from, why they should protect clean air and water, and how to build relationships with their neighbors.
Supporting local community and environment is not only a guideline for subject matter but also technique. Sarah uses nontoxic methods of printmaking whenever possible; for example, vegetable oil-based inks that wash out with biodegradable soap and water.


Main Subject

Nature, landscape, farms, New England community


Materials and Techniques

I both hand-print and use a press to create all of my handmade woodcuts. I primarily carve birch plywood and use Caligo vegetable oil-based ink to print on Rives and Masa papers.