Artist Bio

Acclaimed American Armenian artist and designer Shahen Zarookian ties together the styles of Modernist Europe with American Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art that he calls his style Abstract Pop Realism.

After studying fine arts in the 70s Shahen worked as a young designer / artist exhibiting his art and design throughout Europe.
In the early 80s he moved to America, ultimately settled in Belmont a suburb of Boston – a newfound home studio for him and his expanding family.

His unique visual expression has proved to be the key ingredient in a long and successful career in the worlds of graphic design, architectural graphics, and fine art.

These days he largely focuses on his painting, bringing to it a sharp eye for color and composition honed over his years in design experyies.
Working with bright and dramatic palettes he infuses his work with a rhythmic arrangement of strong lines and lush textures color touches, focusing on his vision of everyday life and the natural world.

In the end, Shahen’s paintings are the culmination of the exterior worlds influence on his life, and his life’s influence on his interior world.


Main Subject

Abstract Painting, landscape. people , Symphony Orchestra. City Scape, Seascape


Materials and Techniques

Abstract Realism,
Mixed Media: Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Pencil,