Artist Bio

I have been painting and drawing all my life, but for me to complete a picture was sometimes stressful and time consuming because I spent so much time with the details, making sure everything was perfect. I wanted to find a way to express beauty and color but was free from the stress. Acrylic pouring has been my freedom to do this.
Each person will see something totally different if they hold it one way and yet turn it around and see something new. Some are simple pictures- soft, peaceful, calming. Some are bold, loud and quite emotional.
I love how a beautiful picture can keep you lost in your thoughts and feelings.
For someone to want a piece of my work in their homes to love and enjoy is the greatest happiness.


Main Subject



Materials and Techniques

Acrylic Pouring-Acrylic paint with pouring medium of bookbinders glue, water, pouring medium, thinner, gloss medium, oils and sometimes alcohol. Different techniques are used on the canvas- flip cup, pouring, swiping, using string or a straw to give different effects. Sometimes additional artwork is added.