Artist Bio

As a fiber artist with a Masters in Fashion and Textile History of Southeast Asia and Europe, my calling is to revive centuries ­old lost weaving techniques. While working in remote villages, I have gained first-hand experience of age-old, almost extinct weaving, spinning, and botanical dyeing techniques. Collectively, this fiber art is a symbol of the ancient artisan techniques that make up our shared heritage as human beings. I am intrigued by the beauty, complexity, and simultaneously, the simplicity of the process. Now, I work to pass on this gift of ancient artistry by teaching my passion to women in low-income communities so that they, too, can be empowered, earn an income, and bring some much-needed change to women’s lives around the world.


Main Subject

Weaving with bamboo and silk yarns


Materials and Techniques

I have been fusing European and Asian techniques such as the 1800’s French prints (chintz) embroidered with merino fiber wool. These fiber art pieces are considered lifestyle products such as paintings, scarves, table runners, etc. I only use the purest of materials – organic cotton, fruit and vegetable dyes, bamboo, linen, leather, and merino wool.