Artist Bio

My name is Sophia Giardina, originally from New York, but ended up in Boston to follow my fiance. I have loved art ever since I was a child. I started out with basic pencil drawings until I found a love for painting in one my my art classes my freshman year of Providence College. During the pandemic, all my downtime at home allowed me to experiment even more with painting. I started off by doing simple watercolor portraits of dogs for friends and family, to working with acrylic paint and dry wall plaster! This is what led me to my current passion in painting – creating mixed media paintings with spackle and acrylic paint (to the point where I ran out of wall space in my current apartment). Creating art is where I feel the most at home, giving me a sense of confidence and peace I really can’t find anywhere else.


Main Subject

Textured Paintings


Materials and Techniques

I used spackle paste/putty and apply it to canvas, then use tools to carve designs into it. Once dried, I paint the canvas/design and use a varnish to give it a glossy or matte coating.