Artist Bio

I’ve always loved creating, even down to the smell of paints and the feel of the brush against the give of the canvas. I think of creating as it’s own language, beyond language. And that is what I think of my art work as, communicating.

I have painted since my teens. Having a hard time accessing art supplies in everyday life, I was so excited at school where oil paint and other mediums were regularly at my disposal.

I would have liked to go to art school, but was told ‘who is going to pay for that for you’? In spite of regular discouragement, I later attended school on my own, graduating with an art minor and continued art classes in grad school and after. I’ve participated in many group shows and had my 1st solo show in the 80’s and have continued to make art since. My subjects include portraits and wildlife, often stylized, and absrtacts exploring the use, and inner recognition of symbols, especially circles, and metalics.


Main Subject

Realistic and stylized portraits and abstracts.


Materials and Techniques

My paintings are on stretched canvas in acrylic or oils and often incorporate metalics. Paint pens, brushes, and knives are used, as is black gesso in many of the abstracts.