Artist Bio

As a photographer, I am inspired by the world around me. Sometimes this has included far away and exotic places but more often than not, it includes the city streets, wooded paths and sandy shorelines that exist close to my home. I purchased my first 35 mm SLR camera when I was living in Bavaria, Germany and was inspired by the country’s beautiful landscape. My goal is always two-fold; to relate a connection to a subject that I felt when I took the photograph and to inspire the viewer to develop his or her own connection to the image.

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV to create my photographs. I spend quite a bit of time composing my subjects however I rarely manipulate the subject. I like to work with what I see without altering it to suit my technical needs. I concentrate on photographing the people and places that surround me. While these subjects are not necessarily complex, they can have a profound effect on me and hopefully on the people who view my photos. I work in both color and black and white, with portraits and landscape photography as my main areas of interest. My work has been published in local magazines and has been accepted into many local juried exhibitions and been recognized with awards from The South Shore Art Center, The Duxbury Art Association, The Quincy Arts Fest and the Plymouth Arts Guild. I am an active member of the South Shore Camera Club and a member of Gallery Nantasket in Hull.


Main Subject


Materials and Techniques

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Fujifilm XT-2 to make my images. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit them. Most landscapes of mine require little or no manipulation of either the scene or in post processing.