Artist Bio

I have been working with clay for over 30 years. I went to college at Solano collage and was a TA for many years. I have experience with Raku Firing, as well as electric kilns. I have been showcasing my artwork at festivals from California to New york. I love to travel and showcase my unique functional artwork to the world.


Main Subject

Functional Ceramics


Materials and Techniques

Stoneware clay, P5 porcelain, Coyote brand food-safe glazes. Utensil holders, water pitchers, textured plates and bowls, butter bells, garlic keepers. I roll 3/8″ slabs of clay through my slab roller and form my 3 piece serving platters by hand. I bisque at 05, give them a scrub bath, and fire over 2,200 degrees. I use my pottery wheel to throw my utensil holders and trim the top edge for a unique look. I throw my bacon cookers in two separate pieces, form, and create a handle and I throw my serving bowls. Each piece is scrubbed and fired to cone 5.