Artist Bio

My work breathes a passion for beauty and a yearning for joy. I focus on the power of benevolence and wonder that exists in our landscapes and homes, to bring hope to your lives and homes through the allurements of our every day world. My work is focused on still life scenes reflecting the simple beauty of every day life and landscapes that capture the majestic nature in the world we’ve been gifted. The sweep of a brush on paper, the scratching of charcoal, and the hum of joyous fulfillment are all instruments of my symphony. These paintings are not a reflection of myself, but rather a reflection of what we all would like see in the world around us.

Hello, my name is Taylor and I’m a self-taught fine artist living in Somerville, MA. I’ve been a creative all my life, and my painting career began two years ago. My simple pleasures are a glass of fresh-squeeze lemonade with honey, a sweet ocean breeze, and the humble beginnings of a new painting. My greatest pleasure and joy, however, is to bring beauty to others through my art.


Main Subject

Landscapes, still-life


Materials and Techniques

My work is focused on simplicity. I typically start with a sketch outline in light charcoal and then fill in the shapes and shadows using watercolor and gouache. A loose hand and light touch (as well as the use of layering) are essential to my technique. My method is to use just enough paint to share the idea of the object while still allowing the imagination to fill in the gaps. The final touches are to deepen the shadows and add highlights, providing depth in the image. I also like to allow the watercolor to “pool” a bit, this is my preferred method of adding texture and showing the unique structure of watercolor. My style is continually evolving and I love to play with the materials!