Artist Bio

Teresa McCue is a New England-based painter. Having graduated from Bridgewater University with a degree in Art, she continued her coursework, taking additional classes at Boston area colleges. She has taken part in many workshops and residencies in New England, the Southwest, Mexico and Italy. She has had 29 solo exhibits and has participated in countless group shows. Her pastel, “Quiet Passage”, was chosen as part of the Art in Embassies program for exhibit in Botswana. She has created numerous commissions, many of which are multiple piece installations. Her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections nationwide. For a complete bio and many more examples of the artist’s work, please visit

Teresa Speaks about her work:
“I make paintings that pay homage to the spirituality I find in nature. Imagery is intentionally simplified. Emphasis is given to the emotional impact of color. Often my paintings evoke something ethereal: a landscape or seascape with a dreamlike quality. As I work, I let the creative process lead me. I do a great deal of layering: making subtle adjustments in value, hue and intensity and in so doing, enhance the richness of the painting. The intended result is opulent, atmospheric color, which I hope evokes a visceral response, something that is felt even as it is seen for the first time.”


Main Subject

Abstracted landscapes


Materials and Techniques

I endeavor to make a painting that is at once, arresting, as the viewer takes in the whole, and also continually reveals hidden jewels of color and light within the surface: simplified composition, with complex paint / pastel. That is achieved by applying many layers of paint, building the surface, pushing back and forth between dark and light, muted color and saturated, editing, contemplating, adjusting -until the painting feels complete. It is a dance between learned skills regarding composition and color and my own intuition.

I work with 3 mediums, pastel, oil sticks and acrylic, each with distinct properties. Pastel is essentially pure pigment with a small amount of binder that allows one to hold on to it in stick form. Colors are blended right on the surface. This affords an immediacy, which allows the work to flow freely. The pastel breaks down to a velvety powder as it is moved around, lending itself to an ethereal, atmospheric effect. Similarly, oil sticks are rich in pigment with just a small amount of binder, linseed oil and beeswax. The consistency is more like that of lipstick and is extremely malleable. The process of mixing color directly on the substrate and the flow that allows are very similar to that of working with pastel. Acrylic has exponential opportunities for creative exploration. The paint itself comes in a variety of viscosities and there are many mediums available, which can be added to the paint or used to prime the surface to create texture. I particularly enjoy incorporating iridescence, which underscores my fascination with light. It is a joy to work with each of these unique mediums.