Artist Bio

Even when I am not painting, I am thinking about painting. I continuously observe nature, looking at light, color transitions, texture and patterns. In my work, I endeavor to use color and light to evoke the feeling of a place or a moment. It is a supreme compliment when someone has a visceral response to my work, almost feeling it first…and then seeing it.

In recent years, I have become even more focused on the properties of my materials. They are not only a conduit to my message, but also a key component of the richness of the painting. I want to make a painting that is at once arresting, as the viewer takes in the whole, and also continually reveals hidden jewels of color and light within the surface: simplified composition, with complex paint.


Main Subject

Abstracted landscapes


Materials and Techniques

I have primarily been using R&F paint sticks to create atmospheric, somewhat abstracted landscapes on panel or canvas. I work with my hands (gloved), mixing color on the surface. I also employ old business cards and brushes to move the paint around, depending upon the effect I am trying to achieve. My goal is to use color and light to evoke the feeling being in nature.