Artist Bio

Todd Brugman has been painting since the age of 5. He has received many awards and grants in academia from primary school to college. This Includes letters from the first lady laura bush and senator John Kerry.

Todd spent his late teens and early 20s addicted to Heroin and homeless. He was incarcerated for a little over a year for his drug use.

He has been clean off drugs for nearly 10 years and focusing on creating abstract oil paintings. His paintings are emotionally biographical.

He plays with the intrinsic tension the arrives between marks on the canvas; adjusting these marks until they speak in rhythm to Todd’s emotions. He starts with a deep lingering feeling, often the same one over and over he will use; he allows it to change as he reacts to his work until it speaks to him what he has felt.

The viewer isn’t expected to feel exactly what Todd has, but to find a sense of beauty within the canvas that they had always known existed inside themselves but haven’t seen elsewhere; one they have felt, and will feel when viewing the work.

Todd creates work with often ineffable, yet relatable, emotionally charged subject matter that all can appreciate.

Despite Todd’s past, he holds not resentments to anyone or to the world, quite the contrary, he loves all. He is compassionate in all aspects of life and happy to share conversation with anyone.


Main Subject

Abstract Expressionism


Materials and Techniques

Oil Paint on 2.5″ Profile Birch Panel