Artist Bio

Vivian Rosalee creates art in a variety of styles, including colorful psychedelic art work, realistic ink paintings, and fantastical dragon paintings. Though her art style varies, her art has a common theme- they are all about animals! Her style is colorful and whimsical- the best example of that is her psychedelic animal portraits and dragon paintings. She loves to combine colors to create different color pallets in each of her paintings. She happily accepts commissions for custom pet portraits.

Vivian Rosalee graduated from Lesley University in 2020 with a BFA in illustration. She donates 5% of her profits to the Central Food Ministry in Lowell, and to a bird rehab center in Virginia called Happy Wing Sanctuary. When she is not creating art, she is birdwatching on a trail or talking to her pet budgies.


Main Subject

Animals, Fantasy


Materials and Techniques

The materials I use the most are either acrylic gouache, or acrylic ink. For the psychedelic paintings, I start with a black and white pen drawing, and then add color using gouache paint. The dragon paintings are also done using gouache. The traditional ink animal paintings I paint using colored inks.