Artist Bio

What would you do if you found out your ability to visually take in the world was slipping away from you with every moment? For Zoe, diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease that is progressively eroding her vision, the answer is simple: seek out, revel in, and actively create as many wild, daring, and beautiful things as you possibly can.

Zoe lives in Portsmouth, NH with her lovely husband, Russell, and their precocious felines, Milo & Clementine. Captivated by the timelessness and serenity of the painting process she paints nearly every day, continually working to grow her skills and to deepen her connection with her work and the beauty that inspires it. A self-taught and somewhat lawless artist, Zoe is deeply intrigued by the magic and dexterity of color and paints with a playful exuberance and bold expressionism that pulls her passion and personality into her art. She believes in constantly re-exploring the bounds of what her work can do, as well as cultivating the curiosity and bravery required to expand her creativity and seek out new ideas, concepts, and methods in all things.

With a love for a large variety of subjects, Zoe’s paintings range from human and animal portraiture to landscape compilations and vibrant still life interpretations. Her art has won a handful of awards this past year, including Best in Show at the Seacoast Artist Association’s “Reflections” exhibit and First Place in Acrylic Works at the Greeley Park Art Show.

Her work can be found in various galleries around New England, several private collections, as well as a variety of shows and festivals throughout the year.


Main Subject

Bold & Whimsical Portrait, Landscape, and Lifestyle Interpretations


Materials and Techniques

I create most of my larger artwork on raw birch panels, primed with variously textured gesso. Acrylics are my preferred medium, and with any given piece I may use brushes, sponges, spray bottles, spatulas, rubber stamps, crepe paper or some combination therein. I also paint with my hands quite a bit. While there is some general planning / directionality to my pieces, I do my best not to overthink my art and to move with it organically, wherever it takes me.