Artist Bio

I grew up and developed in the small craft workshop of my parents and my grandparents in Peru.
My art means everything to me. The art makes me remember my ancestors, showing the rural life in the Coast, Andes and the Amazon from Peru and now living in Warwick, Rhode Island I create retablos that feature different stories there are rights to support the LGBT community, as well as to combat racism and women with more freedom and teaching citizens to care for the environment.


Main Subject

Nature, native Peruvian culture, amazon


Materials and Techniques

I make a type of art called (Retablos) 3DMixed Media Sculpture in cedar wood boxes and with various sculpted elements of various things that show the daily life of the Peruvian indigenous people, and their traditions. I still practice an old family technique is the use of potato dough and plaster of paris. I mix both components until I make a dough and make figurine by figurine and let it dry in the air. Once dry, I begin with the painting and place it on the altarpiece or painting or I can leave it as an ornament, then I will pass the varnish on each work.